Nearby attractions

Sutarwadi Dam Overflow


 With a walking distance of 400 meters away from our Farm, overflow of water from Sutarwadi Dam can be seen and enjoyed (available only during monsoon season). 

Kakkadkund Waterfall


Located just 2 kms away from our farm at village Vaki near Durtoli), a beautiful untouched  waterfall can be seen (available only during monsoon period).

Bhira Dam


This is also known as 'Tata Power House' built by Tatas, located 15 kms from our farm. The water of this dam is mainly for power generation and some  water for the Kundalika river water rafting.

Kuda Caves


Located in the village of Kuda in the east of Murud Janjira and off Mumbai-Goa highway (via Kolad)  and at a distance of about 32 kms from our farm. It has 15 Buddhist caves excavated  in first century BC having several reliefs of Buddha carved with symbols  and writings on its walls.

Plus Trek Valley


A unique place for trekking in Tamhini ghat of Sahyadri mountains with a base camp at Dongatwadi, about 25 kms away from our farm on Kolad-Pune highway.

Tamhini Ghat


A series of waterfalls situated on Kolad-Pune highway, including a famous one known as 'Valse', situated about 25 kms away from our farm in the Sahyadri mountain ranges.  These waterfalls are surrounded by green dense forest and plenty of species of bird. The place offers a breathtaking view of the Konkan  region and the valley. This is a very popular attraction during monsoon season.



Situated 38 kms from our farm, on Khopoli road is known for the Ballaleshwar Temple, one of the eight ashtavinayak, a set of eight regionally important Ganesh temple in Maharashtra.

Ballaleshwar is the only incrrnation of Ganesha that is known by his vevotee's name. The diety is said to be famous for quick response to the prayer.

Raigad Fort


It is situated off Vile-Mangaon road in Sahyadri mountain ranges,  about 45 kms away from our farm. Raigad was the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji and samadhi of great maratha warrior Shivaji.

 It is a monument of great pride for the Marathas

Murud-Janjira Fort


Situated about 65 kms from our farm, in an island in the arabian sea on western coast of India and considered one of the strongest marine hub of India in old days.



Situated about 70 kms from our farm on Mumbai-Goa highway  on the bank of rivers Savitri/Gandhari and known as one of the ashtavinayaka - a mahad ganpati temple or  Varad Vinayak.

. The idle of this temple swayambhu Ganesh and said to reside in this temple in the form of Varada Vinayak, the giver of bounty and success.

This is also historically important for 'Chavdar Lake Satyagrah' done  by Dr B.R. Ambedkar.

The Raigad Fort is just 24 KMs north of Mahad.

Devkund Waterfall


If you are the nature lover, it is a hidden paradise and dream destination for travelers. 

This is located 22 kms away from our farm near village Bhira which can be seen and enjoyed round the year. 

A beautiful waterfall is located inside the forest, a virgin place with crystal clear and blue water to enjoy from the closest point. 

To visit this waterfall, one must walk down (trekking) the distance of about 5 kms which takes about 2 hours which includes a hike alongside  backwaters of Bhira dam, few forest cover and  small  water streams  and has to cross few rivers which is very risky, specially during monsoon when water level rises and becomes risky to cross.

One must  visit this place with a group and guide.

The best time to visit is after monsoon.