White water river rafting, is an exciting and adventure water sport of two and half hour session in Kundalika river. This is the only facility of its kind in India that operates throughout the year and fourth in India after Rishikesh, Ladakh and Tons.

Rafting in Kundalika river is done in the rapids (1 to 3 grades) which  are generated by the water released from the Bhira dam in the morning @ 0800 hours.

Our farm and resort is situated in the middle of this water rafting route, which is the most ideal place for camping/stay and enjoy.

The details/requirement of rafting are -

  • River rafting can be done from morning 0800 hours to 1100 hours only when the water from Bhira dam is released.
  • Person having age of 14 years and above with reasonable level of fitness are allowed.  Pregnant women, heart patients and people with asthma can not raft.
  • The duration of the rafting session is about 2.5 hours and travel time from/to the  boarding point/ending point is  1 hour.
  • The distance of rafting is 11 KMs in the water.
  • Reporting time at service provider's office is  0730 hours and at starting point (village Saje) is 0800 hours.
  • Comfortable clothes like T-shirt, short and footwear which will wet in the water, are most recommended.
  • Persons to carry towel, extra clothes and water bottle for rafting.
  • Every person going for rafting, shall paddle and participate.
  • All rafts  are guided by an experienced and trained persons and shall accompany the raft.
  • Service provider shall provide raft, helmet, life jacket and pedals along with trained and experience guide.
  • Persons not to carry belongings on the rat and can be left at the camp site.
  • One do not necessarily have to know swimming .